SAFETY POLICY - Best Infertility Treatment Center

The Management and Staffs of Sparsha Infertility Centre are committed both in letter and spirit to implement a "SAFE AND HEALTHY" effective atmosphere for all our patients and employees. Safety is given prime importance, and our motto is - 'SAFETY FIRST AND SATISFACTION MUST.'

Information Security Policy

Sparsha Infertility Centre is committed to preserving our patients' and the organization's overall information asset in its intended condition and ensuring its integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

Sparsha Infertility Centre's commitment towards quality

Provide patients at all times with quality services with affordability at the earliest. Establish and maintain a Quality Management System, which takes care of total patient satisfaction. Achieve continual incremental improvements in service quality and the system using the trained personnel's new methods/ inputs and skills.

Utilize feedback from various reviews and patient suggestions as opportunities for continuous upgrading and continual improvement of services, processes, and systems.

Develop a work culture suitable for product quality due to the safety of the facility and personnel.

Update human resources with changing needs and expectations of our patients.


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