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Evaluation of male patients

It is estimated that up to one-third of all fertility complications of couples is related to a male factor. Practically many problems pertaining to male fertility can be either surgically or medically cured. We will help you to identify the impairment and offer quality treatment with the help of specialized tests and treatment under our renowned andrology team.

We can relate the male problems to the following factors:

  • Faulty and shortened supply of sperms and their delivery
  • Any problems related to the anatomy
  • Injuries that may have been caused to the testicles
  • Should an imbalance of hormones exist in the body
The male partner is required to submit a sample of his semen which is then tested and analysed very carefully by our team of expert andrologists in the fully equipped laboratory using a wide array of equipment. The number of motile sperms obtained from the ejaculate is also analyzed by us.


Samples are tested under rigorous standards at the clinic. The male partners should come for their semen analysis at the laboratory. Together with the routine motility and concentration checking, some of the additional semen testings done at the clinic are:
  • Infection detection through routine semen culture checks
  • A check both before and after to gauge expectations from our IUI and IVF treatments
  • Antisperm antibodies are also checked up on
  • Survival checks are done to make sure that they can survive in long-term
  • Biochemical marker detection and also additional diagnosis for men with more severe problems
Should the semen analysis predict a normal outcome, more focus is shed on the female partners. According to standard procedures, the following analysis terms a ‘normal’ semen:
  • If the sperm is concentrated more than 20 million cells
  • When the motility/movement of the sperm is more than 40%
  • When the volume is greater than 2cc


This sort of analysis is repeated for verification purposes. Herein the male partner is taken up to a urologist for evaluation and should the test come back positive the results obtained from the sperm count is checked for the proper course of action moving forward. To explain this, consider that if there is a motile sperm in count excess of 0.5 - 10 million the normal recommendation would be to use intrauterine insemination as a potential option. However, should the count be less than 1 million, ICSI would emerge as a clear winner.


This is typically a condition when there is a complete absence of sperms obtained from the fluid. This usually occurs owing to failure in the testicles from hormonal/obstructive problems. Here the patient would require hormonal, genetic, urologic or ultrasonographic checks to delve deeper into the problem.


These refer to the substances which are attached to the surface of the sperms and may potentially hamper the ability of the sperm to penetrate the egg and fertilize it. Should the same be detected, we recommend and carry out a thorough sperm washing in association with the IUI and IVF when considered.

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