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We take great pride in being providing specialized care and support in cryopreservation, which is essentially a technique where the sperms and embryos are frozen and then thawed when the need to use the same in the IVF cycle occurs.

With this bank of raw materials in stock one is prevented from undergoing the stimulation cycle every time. This prevents repeated use of fertility drugs and embryo transfers during the course of the treatment.

Principle of Cryopreservation:

  • To generalise the process cryopreservation is a method of preserving cells, organs or any other biological matter to save them from damage and to keep them ready for future use. Here the material is stored at extremely low temperatures, around -80°C with carbon dioxide or -196°C with the use of liquid nitrogen.
  • Here strongly low temperatures are used for living tissues to keep them safe for future use, and unprotected freezing in this manner is typically very lethal.
  • This entire process is based on the chemical conversion of water present in cells to a solidified state.
  • When we cool something below 0 degrees, freezing water (normally constituting 80% of tissue mass) dominates the biological effects.
  • Cell liquid or water requires lower temperatures as compared to normal water owing to the presence of salts and other chemical and organic molecules.
  • Such low temperatures almost stop any chances of any metabolic activity or biological divisions to take place.

Process of Cryopreservation:

Following are the steps which are followed for the regeneration & culturing of plant cells
  • Firstly sterile tissue cultures are developed
  • Then cryoprotectants and pre-treatment chemicals are added
  • This is followed by freezing, storage, thawing and re-culture in the sequence mentioned here
  • Next, the viability of the same is measured
  • Following these steps, the plant is then regenerated

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