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Sparsha Infertility Centre – Madhyamgram, has become an absolute hub for diagnosing and treating all sorts of gynaecological conditions. The doctors here assure comprehensive treatment facility right from diagnostic tests to treatment to surgery (either open or laparoscopy) to follow up and check-up.

Preventive health care includes having regular gynecologic tests, even when symptoms are absent, and screening tests. Screening tests are done before people have any symptoms to check for disorders that can be prevented or treated effectively by early diagnosis.

Many women expect their gynaecologist to provide general as well as gynecologic care.

General medical care includes counselling on health and routine screening of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • High levels of cholesterol and other fats
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Tobacco and/or alcohol use
  • Use of drugs
starting from age 13 to 18, women should have a yearly gynecologic evaluation. Pelvic examination is not generally done before age 21 unless there is irregular periods, pain, or vaginal discharge.
From athe age of 21, pelvic examinations is recommended for all women. Moreover, from age 21, women should undergo tests to screen for cervical cancer, such as a Papanicolaou (Pap Smear) test.
A woman should choose a health care practitioner with whom she can discuss sensitive topics, such as sex, birth control, pregnancy, and any problems related to menopause.
Gynecologic evaluation of young and adolescent girls can also be done by their paediatrician.
Women should be comfortable to ask the practitioner queries about reproduction, sexual function and anatomy, including practice of safe sex, such as the use of condoms to reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.
During a gynecologic visit, the doctor asks the medical history of the patient and does a physical examination.

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