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Antenatal care is an important factor in all women’s life to deliver their babies safely. Our new one-stop approach resulted in a diagnosis of early pregnancies, high-risk pregnancies with all proper investigations and subsequent treatments. We focus on personalised care with individualizing its own problems. We have here all modern technologies for blood screening, hormonal screening, infection screening, congenital aneuploidy screening and congenital anomaly screening by respective trained specialists.

The following are the required pre-requisites for harnessing proper Antenatal Care

  • The first starting point in this process for women who have no prior emergency or priority symptoms is always RAM i.e. Rapid Assessment & Management.
  • Following this,the pregnancy status is checked and a birth chart and plan is drawn up encapsulating the history of pregnancies and an overall check for any danger signs. An adequate place for birthing is also decided upon at this point in time.
  • The women are also to be checked for anaemia, syphilis and HIV. Pre-eclampsia is also to be checked.
  • Should any abnormalities be observed, they should be identified and a proper course of recovery from the same should also be thought out and preventive measures be adopted.
  • A birthing and emergency plan is also to be chalked up
  • Proper templates are used for advising and charting out nutrition, labour & danger signs and the same should also be followed up in the follow-up visits.
  • A proper record is maintained for all findings, plans and treatments which have been recommended/
  • Eligibility for a woman tested for HIV-infected should also be assessed. Also, a specialized line of treatment should be thought out.

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