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Sparsha provides world-class fertility treatments at an affordable cost. Sparsha is the most trusted fertility chain with 2 centres across Kolkata, West Bengal,Kolkata. Our highly experienced team of fertility specialists and embryologists provide holistic & individualized fertility care.

Making a decision to have a baby can be life-changing, challenging, and magical for a couple. You need to commit yourself completely from the beginning until the baby is in your arms. When you hold your baby for the first time in your arms, that feeling and joy are unexplainable. The pleasure of turning out to be parents is incredible. We are proud to be in a profession where we can help in realizing your parenthood dreams come true. We have the best fertility doctors in Kolkata who are exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of fertility treatments. We offer treatments like IVF, ICSI, IUI, Surrogacy, FET, PESA, TESA, TESE, and PGS / PGD.

Eventually, after your marriage, you think of having a baby. There are very high chances of you conceiving within the first year of trying. 7% of the couples conceive in the subsequent year. Inability to conceive in the first year is defined as infertility. In the present age, one in every six couples faces infertility issues. And it is advisable to timely seek help from an infertility specialist if you are unable to conceive within a year. The signs and symptoms of infertility are often related to some underlying medical conditions. At Sparsha we can help you to conceive a baby by providing you with the best infertility treatment in Kolkata. You can contact us, we have the best IVF clinic in Kolkata.


To provide safe and world-class treatment for infertility related problems with affordability at the quickest possible time with proper privacy, comfort, and safety.


The Management and Staffs of Sparsha Infertility Centre are committed both in letter and spirit to implement a "SAFE AND HEALTHY" effective atmosphere for all our patients and employees. Safety is given prime importance, and our motto is - 'SAFETY FIRST AND SATISFACTION MUST'.



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